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August 3, 2010

Scrapping & Then Dinner

Wow Im so excited, I joined Scrapbook.com and just joined my first LO challenge, Im so excite, better watch out because i get to addicted LOL..all I can think about is what LO am I going to make now? What am I going to use? the Colors? omg The Subject??  *breaths fast* (OK OK calm down Heather) 

So I still haven't made one yet, I will maybe tonight I'm trying to come up with a good LO theme, Well I guess I will do one on my animals or maybe one of them and add it to this other challenge offered on Scrapbook.com we will see how things go.

If you haven't already jump on over to Gypsy Girl Scraps I have SO MANY Freebies over there for you to download so Enjoy all those freebies Don't forget to leave me a message on my Tag board. I may go into PS and work on some more freebies -Yes I <3 You! *lol*

Im still waiting for Hubby to get home, I really don't feel like cooking tonight-Just to hot.So we decided just to get some Fried Chicken and whatever we have at home to throw in, and make the kids Raveloi which we have about 4lbs of, so gotta get those gone before the 9th which is our grocery day.

So other then that, I thought it was going to rain but it hasn't, the sky went grey and a few hits of thunder here and there but nope no rain *pouts*

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