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August 4, 2010

My LO Challenge I just finished......

Just Finished another LO for another challenge I am doing on Scrapbook.com. It was so much fun!!
So here it is... The challenge was to make a LO of your pet and this is what I came up with................
Kit is By Kit by MaryFrans-Farley & Friends
Font: Chaparral Pro
"Puppy Love"
Missy isnt quit a puppy but she's my Puppy Still..thanks for looking

Also We watched the "Hot Tube Time Machine" it was pretty good, not something to watch with the kids but it was pretty funny. It wasnt as bad as  the movie we watched last week, I think some crude dirty humor is quit annoying. But this was good and not to dirty but it did have a few dirty parts thou but still good.

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