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August 25, 2010

First Day Of School!!

The Kids Started school Monday. It took me literally the whole weekend to get them all organized and ready for the next day, But I made it and had the kids to bed early for the next day.

Here is a Photo I took of Joshua, he was ready for his first day of School, He wanted me to take a photo of him and his very proud Book bag Buzz Lighter Year (excuse the messy bed I had bags of kids stuff all over it trying to get it situated.)

SO We ended up waking up at 6am (Well the kids did) I woke up at 5:30 to get myself situated before waking the others up,
Image via Wikipedia I had them all showered, Brushed their teeth, Dressed, Shoes and hair By 7am.

McDonald's Egg McMuffin breakfast sandwichDaddy made them homemade egg Mc Muffins sandwiches because I wasn't sure if wed make it for breakfast at the school. So Then we left about 7:15 and walked to the school that isn't really that far maybe a half mile maybe not even that.

I have a few more photos to post here but they are on my camera and I'm having a problem getting them off but I did take a few with my cell camera that Ill post here.

We got to the school The others knew where they where to go, But I went with Joshua instead since he was new to the school and stood with him until it was time to go into the classroom. I will admit watching him through  that window, and being my last baby in school it was so hard and yes I cried a little. My baby has grown up and it seemed like yesterday he was this tiny little man in my arms. *sigh
Here's a photo I took of him. He got so annoyed after awhile saying "Mommy please no more pictures" lol it was cute. He sure did look so cute in his little school uniform.

 I came home after and just didn't know what to do with myself. I haven't been home by myself in 13 yrs and it was so amazingly quiet.
Its been 3 days since then and I just do a little chores here and there and omg I get so bored..Nothing much to do. I'm not use to making lunch for just myself either. Its a very strange world right now for me. Next week I will be getting down on my major house routine but this week i am just taking it slow and sorta having a mini vacation but still doing daily house chores and laundry of course.

When the kids came home I had paper work to do, took me 6 hours to finish them. Then the next day they resent me papers saying the ones I filled out where old (which was their fault) so i had to RE-DO all the papers again ugh annoying.

Today it stormed and I ended up with soaked kids from head to toe and backpacks and shoes I'm still in the process to drying their shoes without messing them up.

So now you can see what I have been doing last 3 days..

Here are the additional Photos that Ive finally got off my Camera
(Left to Right)
Gabriel-9,Joshua-5,Sebastian-10,Jessica-12 & Elisha-7
First Day of School
(Left to Right)
Sebastian,Elisha,Joshua, Jessica
and the little boy in background running back the groups is

Walking to school on the first day
Jessica-Fixing her Book bag
Joshua-being silly Not sure what hes doing
Other boys are up ahead

First day of School
(He always loves his Mohawks)

Joshua showing off his Book Bag that he Loves
"Buzz Light Year-Toy Story 3"

Heading to Joshua's Kindergarten Class Room
Joshua was the first student there, so she asked for him to sit on the line
He was being so silly
Joshua-On the edge of annoyance from the photo-taking lol-You can see it in his face lol
Joshua was extremely annoyed by then LOL You can see  it in his face

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