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August 8, 2010

Busy Chaotic Day Sat.

Back to School Bash
    Well I woke up the 4 youngest kids about 5am in the morning to have then get into the shower and dressed by 6:30 am and breakfast was finished about 7am and mom was at our house at 7:30am, Ready to load up the kids to go to the after school bash they where having in other town. When we got there we where so surprised by the amount of people who were there. I took some photos but some reason they did no turn out (Hmm Strange).

So we found a parking spot and got the kids out and walked to find the end of the line, which btw was like a mile long.but was moving sorta fast so it wasnt to bad, I did get a few photos of the kids before handing my cell over to my youngest to watch Transformer cartons (Thank goodness for Cellphones w tv).

Heres a few Photos I snapped while waiting in line:
This photo is showing Joshua giving Nana  A Hug, He loves his Nana. The 2nd photo is Elisha, He's such a cutie. The other photos I took didn't turn out for some reason *Pouts*

We we Finally got inside, and was so Happy because there was actually a/c (Nice and cold too) So we finally got in and we started to be herded in groups to go here and there (really we felt like a bunch of cows being herded to specific stalls and getting branded a long the way..No Kidding!) so we finally made it thru that area and we had to wait in huge groups to have our number called, When we got there they where in the 100's and well we where 405 so we had ways to go. Then somehow a herd of people were pushed to go to another area and my poor son Eli was pushed with them and yes you guessed it we LOST HIM! SO me dragging my 3 other kids with me and my mom went to look for him thru thousands of people, OMG Talk about my heart dropping. But we finally found him after walking from one end to the other and no one not seeing him. My mom found him only a few mins later. (Thank GOD!). But finally the 400's were called and we got our school backpacks for the kids. Then we were herded to the other side of the auditorium where they where giving away school supplies, physical & Shots.
SO my mom took the two oldest and I took the 2 youngest, signed up Joshua to get his physical and shots and waiting back in the line for omg At least another hour. My poor baby was so tired of standing and not being able to go anywhere, So I took another photo of the 4 together

Well we finally got into the Physical part of the place and there were different sections we;d have to go in like one was for :BMI-Hearing-etc etc.  Everything was good until this women had her husband get into the line and save that spot while she was in the other area which wasnt fair to everyone else doing the right process she tried to cheat her way thru and me being very opened i let her know and the staff and she got quit mad because I let it be known what she was doing she wasnt to happy but what is she gonna do? umm nothing. She knows what she did was wrong and if we all gotta wait then she should too there isn't anything you can get easy we all gotta suffer thru it so should she, she isn't anyone special. Her husband had a few words to say but I totally blocked him out, he didn't phase me...so they ended up separating her and I which was a good thing. So We finally got the physical done and headed toward the shots area,which was another long process. My baby had 4 shots, I felt so bad, I literally cried afterwords. There is just something about a parent holding down a child while you allow someone hurt them that really gets to me, i HATE IT. I know suck it up but it's just really hard. I love my baby and hate seeing him in so much pain. But I do think I took it harder than him.

We finally finished about 4pm (see long day) and we took them to McDonald's where we had hamburgers/Sunda and Drinks. It was great, I wish I could have taken photos but batteries was going dead. SO we finished with our food and on  the way home (charged my cell in my moms car) I snapped a photo of my poor babies fallen asleep after a long full day. Eli was trying to fight his sleep but he did crash when we got home.

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