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May 7, 2010

Wow Long Time

WOW its been a LONG TIME Since I actually Posted in my Journal Life has been quit busy and I really haven't had a chance to get on the PC until now. Usually the girls take over it so i just use my Smart phone for web purposes but I did set up my phone so I can start posting from my phone..BUT there's a few things I don't like about it thou *sigh*

Its been so hot here in Florida lately had a few thunderstorms but they didn't last for more then a half hour which is a bummer cause when it does storm it cools down everything and since our A/c broke I'm stuck with muggy humid heat..yes and I clean in this heat which by the time I'm done I looked like I just jumped in a pool...I hate sweating its stinky and sticky just hate it..

Not much else going on, I did have to return my smart phone that I bought in February because it went out on me wouldn't start up so Good thing I had a warranty and insurance on the phone because I would of wasted a lot of money and not been able to have a phone.

Well other then that I will continue to post and post photos from my Phone. So Stay tuned.

I'm also working on a new blog called Clueless Men FYI its actually for men who have no clue about why women do what they do or the types of women. SO its just a place where men can come ask questions and get straight forward advice no sugarcoating anything. So I got the blog but just need to plan out what I'm going to write and all so stay tuned for that. well Gotta get off here and get the house ready for the kids arrival from School.

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