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March 28, 2008

Im Back!

Hi Ladies! Im back, Doing well...My Surgery was Monday and They said the Tumor did not attach itself to none of my organs and also the cancer has NOT Spread and they couldnt believe it and how lucky I was, I didnt need the Bowel Reconstruction they where able to get it without cuttin my bowels SO I hate my whole uterus removed and Left Overi where the TUmor was. I did almost stop breathing couple times cause the pain meds where not taking away the pain after i woke up and they gave me to much my respiritory went down..So they put me on oxygen and a machine..

First day it was Hell..IT hurt real Bad...2nd Day I tried to walk but ended up almost throwing up so I tried the 3rd day and was MUCH better walked around couple times and was finally eating Solid food without throwing up.4th day I was ready to go home..

Im doing pretty good..I Do better reclining here in my chair then laying down hehehe hey i aint complain spending time on my PC helps me forget about my pain and the pain meds help too..Im taking addition meds with it so it helps alot.

But I didnt want to forge to update you on how it went

Thanks everyone for your prays they worked!!

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