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January 15, 2008

Meditation Thru Music

YoYo's World .:. Finding Yourself Through Music


Many people, as do I, believe that we are all ultimately greater than our physical bodies. As Jesus said, "your body is a temple," and so created to house something much greater. What I'm talking about here is your soul, essence, Braham, spirit, etc.

Convincing you of this fact and explaining why it's important to get "in touch" with this entity is beyond the scope of this article. What I do want to cover is a method that, with practice, can help you experience your truly mysterious side.

(If you would like to learn more on this belief system, I suggest just reading books written by the following authors, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, and Lao Tzu. Many titles written by these articles can be found in YoYo's Bookstore.

Who is really listening?

What I'm about to describe is a meditation that can be done anywhere as long as you have music at your disposal.

Remember the goal is to get in touch with your deeper self and experience a new reality. This method is going to help you not get lost in all of that jargon that goes around in your head. Once you silence that inner dialogue, you will open the doorway and allow a new dimension of yourself to be experienced.

  1. Get comfy: Sit down or lay down in your favourite comfy spot. Don't fall asleep!!
  2. Plug in some tunes: I suggest music that is soothing and enjoyable to you. When I do this exercise, I prefer to listen to jazz but that is not the only genre I do this with.
  3. Relax: Close your eyes and let the music put you in a calm state.
  4. Listen: Concentrate on listening to the music. Try not to make judgements like, "Oh my favourite part is coming up!" You'll lose concentration.
  5. Inquire: Ask the question, "who is really listening?" Yes your brain has to go through processes to filter the music to you but who is the listener?

Going deeper into meditation you may come to feel another presence within you. If you've gotten this far, be happy in knowing you've just found yourself. It is a difficult feeling to experience if you haven't felt this before. It's like a floaty, mysterious presence. You'll feel that something you can't quite seem to put your finger on.

Once you've finally experienced this, your goal now is to grow a deep connection. Make it as deep as you can. Try and experience yourself everyday for about five minutes or the length of a song. Over time you will get better so don't get frustrated. Just allow it to happen. It also seems like you've failed 2/3 of the way through, so don't give up on yourself.