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January 20, 2008

Journal-My Weekend

This is the first CT scan I got when they found it its Doubled in Size now and is not sittin on top of my uterus I need to go get the new CT scans so i can have a update on this Scan Image

Well My Weekend was sorta ruined by being in pain mostly. For like a couple days I had this reallly bad back and leg pain and i tried to take some pain meds for it but it never really took the pain away. Well Saturday my whole left side of my body was just aching and hurting real bad and i had a terrible headach and my back and pelvic area was KILLING ME...So I called the Doctor and she said to go to the ER now To get a Ultra sound to make sure the Tumor has not twisted.
Well I got to the ER at 6 pm Saturday Night and BOY!!! was it busy...I didnt get called into the back until 6 am that Sunday Morning YES 12 Hours in the waitingroom.
One ladie had a Seizure in the waiting room other then that nothing else really happened so it was quiet boring. I played the crap outta my games on my cell phone till it died *sigh then i was REALLY bored.
Well anyways they got me back in the back in the HALLWAY cause there was no rooms available..So I talked to the doctor and he wanted to do a Full Body CT scan on me to make sure the tumor isnt causing me all this pain. Well they hooked me up to the heart monitor and here my heart is acting retarded (I have arthmia) anyways they give me Pain meds Demolin and Morphine..Let me tell you if you have had pain meds as much as me you would litterly be SICK Of them. Im so tired of them they make me sick to my stomach now and i jus rather not have them..but the pain uhg was bad too..Well anyways I finally got the Cat scan and While in th machine my IV tubed popped and had liquid and blood all OVER my arm all over the machine..and here they had to leave me in this machine while they cleaned it up and fixed my Iv (WHICH MY ARMS WHERE OVER MY HEAD) so 20 mins of that.and being closterphobic even if it was a open CAT scan i t still gave me that sense of not being able to move..but I tried to keep myself calm. and finished the CT Scan

After that The docto came bout a hour later to tell methe Catscan came out good..My leg pain was caused from the tumor cause its sitting on the nerves to it..and my arm pain is from a pench nerve in my Neck...he also told me the CTscan showed another tumor growing on my right over now..and my left overie tumor has gotte HUGER which he put me on steroids to stop it from growing so fast until the Cancer Doctor can get me in for surgery.
SO thats it..Thas my weekend..
My back is killing me so imma get off here in alittle bit but wanted to u p date you on my weekend