Wishing you and you Family Happiness

January 17, 2008

Journal-My Thursday

Well, I woke up alittle late this morning, Its raining and Gloomy outside which is probably why
Kids where late for school Ugh I hate these days. We had our first thunderstorm of the year last weekend. Then it was cold for a couple days and started raining.
I feel sorta relaxed alittle this morning trying not to stress myself out
probably do alittle laundry and then sit here and get things done before the little ones wake up
and want breakfast. So Ill catch you Around Noon Time.

Not much Really, Boys just fell back to sleep so I get alittle more quiet time. Just Chatted with a Couple Friends today on Messanger. and Looked at some websites..Not much else I did today Besides Doing Laundry. Might Take me a Nap. Not sure yet

It was a Good night, I Was really Bored last night so I went to the Walmart to get some Groceries around 11 or 12 last night (yea that bored) came home and decided to work on some new papers WELL didn't turn out like I wanted but I stumbled upon something Really Cool and which I kept..That would be the Nana's Linen Closet Paper Pack..They came out SOOO Gorgeous! Such Wonderful Texture and Linen Look too them I was very please with them.
Well last night I tried to go to sleep once i got the papers up on my blog. Then Ended up Tossing and turning all night and didnt actually Sleep until 5 am *sigh I know.