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January 13, 2008

journal-Jessica's 10th Birthday

Well today was a fun Day, The Kids did their chores and Then we had a Little Birthday Party For Jessica who is ten years old today. Gosh do they Grow up Fast. We had a Beautiful Birthday Cake and cupcakes which they devoured in no time. Jessica's cake was the cutest it had a little Princess crown with Jewels in it and a Princess wand. It was to cute. She had a Great Time

She also went out to dinner with my mom last night to the Olive Garden and they all sang Happy Birthday to her. She loves that Attention unlike my Oldest daughter and I who went on our Birthdays we did not want them to sing hahah To Loud. She had a lot of fun.

She also Got a New play Guitar which teachers how to play and she got a real Guitar which she will be leaving at Nana's House (Mommies Request) so that it wont get broken by our four little boys lol.

Other then that its been raining off and On here and it's gotten really cool Outside. So have not really done anything today beside that and work on the Blog. I am Hoping to Create something today. But we will see.

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